Tree Removal

Commercial & Residential

We try to refrain from executing full tree removals as our first course of action however, in some circumstances a removal is inevitable. These circumstances include hazards such as dead or dying trees, dead parts of live trees, trees to large for the allotted space, and unstable live trees that are within striking distance of people or property. The failure (mechanical breakage) of a tree can lead to destruction of property,  injury or fatality.  Tree removal is necessary for the safety of home, property, and loved ones. No matter the size and scope, whether its commercial or residential, Green Velvet Tree has the tools to get the job done, promptly, safely, and professionally.

Potential Hazards

  • 1

    Danger Tree

    A tree, which is not necessarily unhealthy, but in the event of a failure could potentially cause damage to a target.

  • 2

    Hazard Tree

    A tree that has had its structural integrity compromised. The question is not, will it fail, but when will it fail.

  • 3

    Imminent Hazard Tree

    A tree that will unquestionably fail sooner than later, and is guaranteed to cause damage or serious injury.